What is scaling and root planing

Some of our patients in Arlington, VA who were looking for a dentist in Ballston, have questions about scaling and root planing.  Maybe they have been told from a dentist in Arlington, VA that they need scaling and root planing, or simply have a question.  Below, we offer an explanation of the procedure and its [...]

Painless Cavities

My Dentist says I have a cavity, but I have no pain. What gives? Many people associate dental cavities with holes in the teeth and pain that arise from it. It is true that most cavities of the tooth will present with discomfort in some sensitivity or difficulty in chewing. However, in some cases, patients [...]

Tips to Reduce Tooth Staining

With wedding season coming into full swing, teeth whitening is a hot topic of conversation. We offer many options for whitening your teeth both in-office and at home. But did you know there are daily ways you can avoid tooth stains in the first place? CoffeeCoffee is one of the biggest causes of tooth staining. [...]

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