With wedding season coming into full swing, teeth whitening is a hot topic of conversation. We offer many options for whitening your teeth both in-office and at home. But did you know there are daily ways you can avoid tooth stains in the first place?

Coffee is one of the biggest causes of tooth staining. So what can you do? I have three words, Milk, milk, milk. A latte is a shot of espresso with the rest of the cup made of milk. This greatly lowers the staining power of the espresso. And lactose intolerance is not an excuse anymore. There are many milk alternatives, including soy milk. What if you don’t like milk? Than you should have a bottle of water on hand and rinse (read on).

There are many alternatives to black tea, which is very potent in staining teeth. Even green tea can have a strong staining effect. What you should drink are herbal teas. White tea is also a great alternative. White tea is made from amateur green tea leaves.

We all know the staining power of red wine, especially on couches and cocktail dresses! So if you enjoy your wine on a daily basis, then try to stick to white wine as much as possible. Do you still favor red wine? Then, rinse (Read on).

Fruit Juice
Surprise! Some fruit juices can stain your teeth, such as cranberries, blackberries, and carrots. Stick to lighter juices, such as apples, pineapples, and melons.

Stick to soda with a lighter shade, such as gingerale, Sprite, and try to keep away from darker sodas such as Pepsi, Coke, and Root Beer. But, regardless of the staining effect, sodas are carbonated, which can over time cause the breakdown of enamel.

Lemonade is high in acidity, and usually high in sugars. This combination is very potent. So please, no lemonade!

No, water doesn’t stain, but it does deserve its own section here because it can be the greatest tool in your arsenal against tooth stains. Whenever I am drinking coffee, tea, or wine I always have a bottle or glass of water on hand. It has now become a habit of mine to rinse my mouth with water after a few sips of whatever I’m drinking. This minimizes the staining effect of these drinks since it lowers the amount of time they are coating my teeth.