After your wisdom tooth removal, you should take plenty of rest and be particular with the food you eat.

The guideline is to eat cold and soft foods to prevent the bleeding from being prolonged and for a fast recovery.

Unless you have particularly sensitive teeth, ice cream tops the list of what to eat after tooth extraction, especially in the summer. It’s fresh and soft so you can eat it comfortably even when your mouth is tender. Because ice cream is cold, it can help minimize any natural swelling that occurs in the mouth.

Choose your ice cream with care, though. Soft serve is ideal right after surgery since it doesn’t require as much jaw muscle to eat. You’ll also want to avoid any mix-ins or solid sprinkles along the top of the ice cream. Remember to pick a cup over a cone, too.

Pureed, warm or fresh soups are also great to eat after a tooth’s removal. In the summer time, however, you might prefer a smooth gazpacho over a bowl of warm broth. Soup is not only easy to eat after your surgery, but it also contains plenty of nutrients and, in some cases, protein, to help the muscles in your face feel better. To avoid any discomfort, make sure the soup is as smooth as possible before you eat it. A few small pieces of cooked vegetables or pasta in the soup should be manageable, but you want to avoid anything that will require a lot of chewing.

Fresh fruits tend to be at their peak in the summer. One of the best ways to enjoy them after you’ve had a tooth pulled is in smoothie form. Blend the fruits with some yogurt or kefir to add protein, calcium, and probiotics to the drink. Adding yogurt or a similar type of dairy to the smoothie also helps it become less acidic and less likely to irritate tender gums as a result.

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