My Dentist says I have a cavity, but I have no pain. What gives?

Many people associate dental cavities with holes in the teeth and pain that arise from it. It is true that most cavities of the tooth will present with discomfort in some sensitivity or difficulty in chewing. However, in some cases, patients having cavities don’t even experience pain. The absence of pain due to the remineralisation of the teeth on the outermost surface and is making the teeth stronger. As tooth decay is an ebb and flow process, and the tooth may potentially heal up a little after some time, a filling is still necessary and hence, an appointment with your dentist is very important.

It is not wise to assume that just because the tooth doesn’t have any signs and symptoms, that it is OK. In fact, most people that have experienced root necrosis of the teeth are asymptomatic when in fact, the tooth has already “died”. When the nerves in the tooth have been necrosed, no sensation is felt by the patient. Still, there will be other signs presenting such as swelling near that particular tooth. Hence, when a tooth that is badly broken down doesn’t pose any significant problem, do check it out nonetheless.

The cavity at the anterior teeth can be pretty obvious and interfere with a persons facial aesthetics. A hole in the tooth behind can also pose some problems in terms of chewing and speech as well. Some people complain that after 2 or 3 teeth extracted, their speech has become ‘airy.’ As dental professionals have the obligation to take good care of your oral cavity and ensure that you are in the pink of oral health, they might suggest some preventive measures that you would benefit much. One of those things is fluoride therapy, which can be in the gel or mouth rinse form. This is crucially important for a patient having a cavity yet doesn’t want any drilling done on him or her to consider. As there is a cavity that is existing which may complicate oral cleansing, i.e., toothbrushing from removing the plaque.

Hence, the cavity that you see might not just be the regular tooth decay issue and can be taken care of just like any other case. With the technological advancement in the dental sphere. Some dentist would recommend you with waterlase and other advanced tools such as the laser that though be costly, is super conservative to the tooth structure. Most patients walk away feeling satisfied as it is indeed a top quality service provided, as well as the feeling of minimal discomfort. Technology in dentistry is what makes a lot of patients nowadays flock to the dental clinic for procedures, even for cosmetic ones such as tooth whitening and veneers.

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