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Emergency Dentist Appointments Available at AA Dental in Arlington VA!

Uh-oh! Broken teeth? Knocked-out tooth? Unexplained tooth pain? Some other dental emergency?

Advanced Arlington Dental Is Your Arlington Emergency Dentist. Call 703-974-7501

Any day that includes a dental emergency is pretty much guaranteed to be a bad one. Nobody suffers the injury of a chipped or broken tooth and thinks they had a good day – okay, maybe a hockey player, but no one normal. (We like to kid you hockey players – many are our patients!)

But when dental emergencies do happen – and they very well might, unexpectedly, to yourself or your children – it’s good to know there’s a top-rated emergency dentist right here in Arlington VA.

It’s even better to know that that emergency dentist is Dr. Hossein Ahmadian, D.D.S., of Arlington Advanced Dental Care, the most trusted, friendly, convenient dentistry service in Arlington County, Virginia.

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An Experienced Emergency Dentist Who Takes Care of It All

Trusted by Patients To Resolve a Range of Dental Emergencies

Emergency dentists are not found everywhere. Not every Arlington dental care practitioner has the capacity or wherewithal to provide emergency dental services to the degree that Arlington Advanced Dental Care does, where we’re often able to see patients on a same-day basis.

It bodes our philosophy as dental professionals: To provide the most trustworthy, friendly, and convenient dental care possible to all patients, and to serve every patient – whether an existing patient dealing with sudden tooth pain or a displaced dental crown, or a new patient coming to see us because of some newly broken teeth – with the utmost in compassion and professionalism, always.

What Kind of Dental Emergency Does Arlington Advanced Handle?

We Provide Treatment for Most Common Dental Emergencies Plus More Complex Cases of Urgent Dental Care

Here’s a partial list of the emergency dental care services provided by us, your go-to emergency dentists in Arlington VA:

  • Bondings to fix broken teeth and cracked teeth
  • Bridges to replace a knocked-out tooth (recovered or not)
  • Painful impacted molar
  • Painful displaced dental crown
  • Severe toothache (especially accompanied with facial swelling or in conjunction with a broken jaw)
  • Lost filling or exposed cavity
  • Tooth decay or gum disease causing potentially imminent tooth loss

These conditions and more are quickly and properly remediable by the sort of emergency dentists who truly care about their patients’ daily comfort – an emergency dentist like Dr. Ahmadian.

The goal of everyone in our practice in providing our emergency dental services – and this goes for Dr. Ahmadian as well as our hygienists, our technicians, even our office manager, every dental professional we have – is to solve our patients’ dental problems with superior dentistry acumen, sincere compassion, and timely care.

Meet Dr. Ahmadian of Arlington Advanced

A Recognized Specialist in Emergency Dental Care

Dr. Hossein Ahmadian, D.D.S., has been an accomplished dental professional and oral surgeon for over 15 years. Since graduating from the highly respected dental school at the University of Maryland in 2005, Dr. Ahmadian has earned a stellar reputation throughout the Arlington dental community for his practice of high-quality urgent dental care.

Practice makes perfect, and with Dr. Ahmadian’s years in practice there’s not likely to be a dental emergency he hasn’t taken care of before. That’s why patients throughout Arlington VA trust him and his highly competent staff – working in their thoroughly modern dentistry facility – whenever they’re struck by the misfortune of a dental emergency.

Seeking Treatment for Emergency Dental Situations?

New Patient or Returning, There’s Good Reason To Choose Arlington Advanced

Because oral health matters so much, not every Arlington dental care can provide the high level of emergency dental services you need.

For this reason and many more as we’ve articulated on this page, it pays to retain the services of such emergency dentists who provide your entire family with access to each and every component of world-class-quality Arlington emergency dental care. That’s Arlington Advanced.

If a cold compress or dental wax won’t make it feel better, or there’s still sensitivity even to warm water or the slightest touch of dental floss, call Arlington Advanced Dental immediately. By seeing an emergency dentist, you just might be preventing further damage, possibly resulting in permanent damage to your teeth, gums, and smile.

Arlington Advanced is Your Emergency Dental Office in the Arlington VA Area

Seeing Patients From Falls Church, McLean, Alexandria, Arlington VA & Beyond

When a dental emergency strikes, there’s usually little time to waste. That’s why we make convenience one of the hallmarks of our dental office: Because we know the vital importance of patients receiving emergency dental care as soon as possible.

The good news for emergency dental patients needing urgent treatment? Our dental office is easy to find and get to. We’re on Glebe Road in Arlington VA, near I-66 and Fairfax Drive, so it’s easy to access us from Shirlington, Ballston, Virginia Square, Falls Church, Seven Corners, Bailey’s Crossroads, Pentagon City, Crystal City, Lake Barcroft, Rosslyn, Clarendon, Alexandria, or the neighborhoods of Arlington VA and Washington DC.

So for most common dental emergencies, don’t go to the nearest emergency room but get your urgent dental care during office hours from Arlington Advanced Dental Care, Dr. Ahmadian, and his extremely capable office staff.

Dental Emergency? Call Arlington Advanced for Emergency Dental Care

Contact Our Arlington VA Office To Make an Emergency Appointment Today

When timely care is of the essence and you really need some dental treatment right away, put your trust in the experienced hands of Dr. Ahmadian and Arlington Advanced Dental Care, a top-rated 5-star Arlington emergency dentist.

Reach us at phone number 703-974-7501 or email address, or book an emergency dental care appointment using the contact form on our webpage

Arlington Advanced Dental Care is available for emergency dental services during our regular business hours. Our office hours are from 8:00 am every day until 5:00 pm every weekday and 1:00 pm on Saturday.