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Who Do You Call In Arlington VA When You Have a Dental Emergency?

Dr. Ahmadian of Arlington Advanced Specializes In Urgent Dental Care

What would you do if you had sudden, severe, unexplained and prolonged serious tooth pain that’s been left unchanged for hours or even days on end?

Okay, what if you’re injured playing sports and all of the sudden you have a broken tooth or a knocked-out tooth?

Alright, so what about your course of action should you be using dental office and observe possible tooth decay or advanced gum disease so bad it might require the immediate attention of an emergency dentist administering urgent treatment such as root canal therapy?

What if you have a lost filling and your tooth really hurts?

Who you gonna call?

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Hossein Ahmadian, D.D.S., top dentist of Arlington Advanced Dental Care in Arlington VA, at 703-974-7501 when you have a dental emergency.

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When Emergency Situations Arise, Dr. Ahmadian Is On the Case

We Take Care of a Wide Range of Dental Emergencies

No one plans for a dental emergency. It’s not like we wake up one morning and think, “I’m going to have a few broken teeth before the day is out.” Emergency dental care is not usually at the forefront of our minds, thank goodness.

But accidents do happen. When they do, it’s nice to know that the best emergency dentists in Arlington VA are a phone call away at 703-974-7501.

What kind of accidents? What sort of emergency dental services does Arlington Advanced offer?

We strongly suggest you make an appointment today for urgent dental care with Dr. Ahmadian if you:

  • experience painful gums when using dental floss
  • experience persistent discomfort when brushing
  • have cracked teeth or feel pain when biting down
  • notice your gums won’t stop bleeding or otherwise suspect an infection in your mouth
  • have a displaced dental crown, lost crown, or a lost filling

Severe dental problems aren’t the kind of thing you want to let fester. Left unchanged, a painful infection in your mouth could spread throughout the body, in which case you may have a serious issue resulting in more than just discomfort. Don’t wait to treat a dental problem – whenever you require emergency care, avoid permanent damage by making an appointment today with Dr. Ahmadian and Arlington Advanced Dental Care of Arlington VA.

Arlington’s Emergency Dentist for the Toughest Dental Emergencies

Lost Filling? Structural Damage? Sudden Root Canal Therapy? Trust AADC to Make It Right

Dr. Ahmadian chose to become an emergency dentist because he wanted to help people enjoy a brilliant, healthy, radiant smile no matter what their circumstances or history. A freak accident or unbidden illness shouldn’t prevent a person from enjoying the joys of a toothy grin with friends and loved ones.

The sheer number of emergency treatments available in modern dentistry is objectively astounding. Today’s methods of urgent dentistry can remedy much more than a broken tooth, and involve diagnostic equipment significantly more advanced than x-rays and treatments substantively more complex than tooth extraction.

However, the tricks of urgent dental care are entirely for naught unless you can schedule an appointment with your friendly local emergency dental office.

Until you can make it there for emergency care, here are a few tips to minimize discomfort until Dr. Ahmadian can render assistance:

  • Broken tooth? Use dental wax on the jagged edges.
  • Apply a cold compress to minimize swelling.
  • Swish a solution of warm water and just a few specks of salt to reduce bleeding.

For validation purposes, we invite you to check out our many 5-star online reviews. Just think about how great an experience must be for someone to write a positive review about going to the dentist!

Rely on the Top Emergency Dentist in Arlington VA

Make an Appointment & Seek Treatment from Arlington’s Premier Emergency Dental Office

If ever you’re in an accident or develop an illness that affects your teeth, you’ll want the utmost in urgent dental care. You’ll want Dr. Hossein Ahmadian and Arlington Advanced Dental.

For existing and new patients alike, Arlington Advanced is the No. 1 choice for the the treatment of dental emergencies – from a broken or knocked-out tooth to unexplained tooth pain. Whatever emergency dental services anyone in your family needs, we’re the dental office best equipped to treat you.

Our office features the latest equipment in modern dentistry, from laser technology to a machine capable of taking 3-D x-rays. Plus, we have office hours Monday through Saturday, making our office even more convenient for anyone coming from anywhere in Arlington County, Virginia.

Severe Tooth Pain? Don’t Wait in an Emergency Room. Call Arlington’s Emergency Dentist

Seeing Patients from Ballston to Shirlington and All of Arlington in Between

For a dental emergency or a regular checkup, AADC is your dentist in Arlington VA. We treat people of all ages from around Arlington County and beyond:

  • Arlington VA
  • Alexandria VA
  • Shirlington VA
  • Ballston VA
  • Virginia Square VA
  • Falls Church VA
  • McLean VA
  • Fairfax VA
  • Merrifield VA
  • Seven Corners VA
  • Bailey’s Crossroads VA
  • Pentagon City VA
  • Crystal City VA
  • Lake Barcroft VA
  • Rosslyn VA
  • Clarendon VA
  • Georgetown DC
  • Adams Morgan DC
  • Washington DC

For over 15 years, AADC has provided exquisite service in a modern dentistry office, one that’s replete with technology for x-rays and for laser dentistry. It’s easy to see why Dr. Ahmadian is so highly recommended as an emergency dentist. It’s because he and his staff truly care about each patient’s oral health . . . not to mention how good we can help them feel!

Here’s How To Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Ahmadian, D.D.S.

When You Have a Dental Emergency, You Know Which Emergency Dentist To Call

New patient or existing, we welcome you to AADC. We’ve made it easy to schedule an emergency dentist appointment:

  • Call at 703-974-7501 during office hours
  • Email us at
  • Schedule online at

Over the years, Arlington Advanced has earned a sterling reputation as a trusted, friendly dentist office – for validation purposes, check out our reviews! We can’t wait to see you on our schedule for a cleaning or (as sometimes happens) for a dental emergency.

Every tooth is precious, so be sure to give your teeth the best possible treatment – and remember to keep on chompin’ on that sugar-free gum!