Wisdom teeth or third molars are the teeth furthest away in the dental arches, and they are usually the last ones to erupt… if they ever come out! As orthodontics is becoming hugely popular around the globe, we’ll look into the implications of wisdom teeth on orthodontic treatment.

For their eruption to occur frequently, there must be sufficient growth at the back of the jaws to accommodate these teeth. For most people who have all their permanent teeth, this happens rarely, and wisdom teeth fail to erupt.

The growth of the lower jaw occurs mostly at the back, and this increase is essential to allow the eruption of the third molars. If growth is inadequate, wisdom teeth will remain impacted.

It is very rare to see someone with the maximum possible of 32 teeth in the mouth (including wisdom teeth) that are optimally aligned and functional. Teeth that have not completed their eruption within a reasonable time are called “impacted” if they are completely submerged under the gum and “semi-impacted” if they pierce through the gum only partially. The dental community agrees to recommend the extraction of third molars that are symptomatic or cause problems (pain, infection, damage to other teeth, etc.).

If you need wisdom teeth extracted in Arlington, VA, contact our office today. Wisdom teeth can create problems with crowding, pain, and infection so it’s best to have regular dental checkups to keep track of their growth progress.