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Jaw pain. Tension headaches. Neck pain. When your lower jaw bone doesn’t connect with your cranium the way it should, the result is all too often Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorder – or TMD for short.

Thankfully, working with one of the best dentists in Arlington VA, Dr. Hossein Ahmadian, is a superb way to help eliminate painful symptoms like frequent headaches and jaw pain, and help you get your life back.

TMJ Dentist

Could You Have TMD Symptoms?

Pain in Your Jaw Joint? Does It Hurt To Chew? You May Need TMJ Treatment

If the snaps, crackles, and pops you hear aren’t just coming from your breakfast cereal, you might be experiencing TMJ disorder symptoms – and that’s a real threat to your health and overall enjoyment of life.

Those sounds emanating from your jaw joint may be accompanied by other tell-tale symptoms of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, such as jaw pain and tenderness (on one or both sides), ear pain, facial aches, tension headaches, difficult or painful chewing muscles, or lockjaw – the locking of the jaw joint, inhibiting jaw movement and preventing you from opening or closing your mouth.

If that doesn’t sound like much fun, it isn’t. TMJ pain can be very painful, and every conscious or unconscious movement of your jaw joints serves as a fast-acting reminder that something’s not right. Some patients may experience pain but ignore or dismiss these common symptoms of TMJ Disorder, but that’s frankly a bad idea: Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders require the immediate attention of a qualified TMJ treatment specialist such as Dr. Ahmadian of Arlington Advanced Dental Care.

More About the Signs and Symptoms of TMJ Disorders

No Two Cases of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Present the Same Way

Some patients come to Arlington Advanced Dental Care complaining of a very specific pain just on one side of their jaw; others complain of pain on both sides. Some experience difficulty opening their mouth wide; others have an achy jaw even with their mouth in a relaxed position.

Many patients needing TMJ treatment suffer from frequent headaches, while others are afflicted with a full-blown case of lockjaw. Muscle stiffness, overall facial discomfort, painful chewing, and popping or cracking sounds caused by jaw joint movement are also strong signs that TMJ treatment is indicated.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) comes in various stages. In simple terms, those stages can be identified by the symptoms the patient presents with:

Clicking And Popping Noises With Jaw Movement

Sometimes perceived as harmless, often one of the first symptoms of TMJ issues is clicks and pops occurring when the jaw bone is engaged. Such noises are a clear indication of improper jaw alignment – even if there’s no pain or discomfort associated with the sounds (yet).

Pain and Tenderness When Chewing

With or without the popping sounds, painful chewing muscles are a definite sign of TMJ problems. If you experience pain and/or tenderness as you chew food (no matter how soft), TMJ treatment is definitely called for. No one enjoys not being able to eat comfortably.

Headaches and Neck Pain

Not all patients suffer from headaches and neck discomfort associated with TMJ disorder, but it’s not uncommon either. Typically such symptoms are the result of the same stress that’s causing the TMD in the first place.

Jaw Muscle Stiffness and Lockjaw

The symptoms of TMJ can be exhausting to your entire jaw structure. The result is stiffness of the jaw muscles, which may lead to total lockjaw – which, as the word suggests, is when the jaw locks in place, making movement impossible and any attempt to move very painful.

What Are the Common Causes of TMJ Issues?

Facial Injury, Grinding Teeth, Arthritis, Stress, Malocclusion, and Other Conditions May Lead to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

There are a myriad of causal reasons for TMJ disorders, and sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint which reason is resulting in your TMJ pain.

Among the most common causes of TMJ discomfort are malocclusion of the patient’s bite (wherein the upper and lower teeth don’t exactly line up, resulting in a bad bite), bruxism (a fancy word for teeth grinding and clenching), arthritis of the jaw joint, and traumatic injury to the face or jaw (such as what boxers deal with after taking a right hook to the kisser). Excess stress – whether physical or emotional – can also result in pain in the jaw area and TMJ issues.

What Are Some TMJ Treatment Options?

Dr. Ahmadian Is a Top TMJ Specialist in Arlington VA

There are several ways to effectively treat disorders and misalignments of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ); the treatment plan that’s right for you depends upon the cause of the condition (if we can determine it) and the symptoms you’re exhibiting.

If your TMJ discomfort stems from grinding teeth, then perhaps a nightguard is indicated in order to prevent teeth grinding at night. In other cases, the best course of therapy may be muscle relaxants to sooth the muscles around the jaw bone, or postural changes to reduce headaches and treat a malformed bite.

Regardless of your TMD symptoms or their causes, it’s always a good idea to seek treatment as soon as possible, so as to avoid further complications (and even more pain).

That’s why it’s imperative that you make an appointment with the top TMJ dentist Arlington VA patients can work with: Dr. Ahmadian and his professional staff at Arlington Advanced Dental Care.

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