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​Scheduling a root canal treatment is a common fear shared by many patients. There seems to be a lot of horror stories surrounding this one specific dental procedure that it scares even the toughest of people. Despite what is being said online dentists do not perform root canals to inflict as much pain as possible.

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A root canal is considered one of the most common dental procedures done all over the world. With that being said, here at Arlington Advanced Dental Care, Dr. Hossein Ahmadian, DDS knows there are still many myths surrounding root canals. To help comfort our patients and to give them more confidence before their root canal Arlington procedure, here are a few facts that might reduce the trepidation:

Root Canals Can Save The Tooth

Dentists like Dr. Ahmadian DDS often recommend a patient go through a root canal to save the natural tooth from being extracted. The procedure is done because too much of the tooth’s pulp has been infected by bacteria. This may also be the reason why patients suffer from frequent toothaches.

Once all the damaged pulp and the nerve has been removed, the tooth will be sealed.

Nerves Don’t Play A Vital Part

Removal of the nerves from the canal may sound like a serious procedure, but they do not play a vital role in tooth health. The only function of the nerves is to detect heat and cold, removing them will not affect the daily use of the tooth at all.

Modern Techniques And Technology Have Changed Root Canals

Majority of the fear revolving around root canals are based on past experiences where dental techniques and technology weren’t as evolved as they are today. In present times, a root canal can be completed with just one or two visits to our Arlington Advanced Dental Care, Dr. Hossein Ahmadian, DDS expert hands will ensure little to no pain at all is experienced during the procedure.

Pain AFTER A Root Canal Is Normal

While there should be no pain when the dentist is performing the procedure, there is a good chance of a little pain and discomfort once the root canal Arlington dentists perform is completed. This is often experienced once the anesthetic has faded and there are several reasons why. Since the gums and the surrounding area were touched, swelling and pain can occur.

However, the pain should decrease as the days pass. In cases where pain does not fade, there might be a complication which requires immediate intervention from your dentist.

You Are In Good Hands

Fearing a root canal is in the past. Many of our patients are often surprised at how easy it is to get through the procedure thanks to Dr. Ahamadian’s gentle and experienced hands. If you have been delaying a checkup, now is the time to get moving. Call our Arlington office at (703) 974-7501 or visit our website for more information about our root canal treatment services.