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Dental Emergency? Call the Preeminent Emergency Dentist in Arlington VA

Arlington Advanced Dental Care Provides Fast, Reliable Emergency Dental Services

Knocked-out teeth? Broken teeth? Serious tooth pain? Dr. Ahmadian offers Emergency Dental Care

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Dental emergencies can happen. When they do, you better have the phone number of a good emergency dentist in Arlington VA.

That emergency dentist is Dr. Hossein Ahmadian, D.D.S., and his dental office is Arlington Advanced Dental Care on Glebe Road near I-66 in Arlington VA.

Don’t wait to seek emergency dental care. Left unchanged, an urgent dental emergency – conditions like an infection, tooth decay, or unexplained tooth pain – can potentially lead to permanent damage of your teeth or gums.

The next time you need urgent dental care – for yourself, your son, daughter, husband, or wife – immediately think of Arlington Advanced Dental and call 703-974-7501. Make an appointment today, or as soon as possible, to let our incredible team of experienced dentistry professionals take care of your dental emergency.

What Are Some Common Dental Emergencies?

Our Dentist Office Can Treat Patients with a Variety of Emergency Dental Services

You’ve heard it before: Good dental health is part of good overall health. That’s why any dental emergency must be taken seriously – because the healthiness and well-being of your teeth, gums, and entire oral cavity is vital to maintaining a sound body in general.

You know, poor dental health can be deadly. People can die from a tooth abscess.

So what are some of the more common dental emergencies? There are plenty of dental problems that would indicate you require emergency care as soon as possible for your teeth or gums:

  • Sudden tooth pain or toothache
  • Impacted molar
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Lost crown
  • Tooth decay
  • Infection in a tooth or gums

Don’t let a dental problem fester. If you have or a family member has suffered any of the above, it’s a dental emergency and you need urgent dental care from Dr. Hossein Ahmadian, D.D.S., of Arlington Advanced Dental.

About Dr. Ahmadian, Emergency Dentist in Arlington VA

He’s Built a Strong Practice on General, Cosmetic, and Emergency Dentistry

Dr. Hossein Ahmadian of Arlington Advanced Dental graduated from the University of Maryland’s prestigious School of Dentistry in 2005, where he learned the most modern techniques for the treatment of the entire gamut of dental conditions, including emergency dental services.

Now an established dentist in Arlington VA, Dr. Ahmadian remains dedicated to continuing the education of himself and his entire office staff – from dental hygienists to office manager – making sure they stay up-to-date on the latest treatment advances for their patients.

The philosophy upon which Dr. Ahmadian founded Arlington Advanced Dental is to be a strong, caring, knowledgeable, understanding provider of modern dentistry. Our dental office achieves our mission most when we provide the best possible emergency care to those patients who require immediate attention.

Your Dedicated Emergency Dentist in Arlington

We Dig Deep To Find Out the Nature of Your Dental Emergency

Pain is an indicator that something is wrong. Pain is not something to be ignored – especially tooth pain.

Arlington Advanced Dental cares deeply about the comfort level of each patient. That’s why we ask questions – particularly in situations where we’re providing emergency dental care – to ascertain exactly what’s wrong and what our treatment options are.

Questions like:

  • Do your gums hurt or bleed whenever you use dental floss?
  • Have you noticed any tooth with jagged edges?
  • Have you used warm water with salt to soothe a broken tooth?
  • Do you use dental wax to soften irritation from dental devices like night guards?
  • Did this dental condition warrant an emergency room visit?
  • May we take X-rays?

Dr. Ahmadian and the office staff at Arlington Advanced Dental are invested in your oral health. When misfortune strikes and a dental emergency occurs, trust the professionalism and compassion of AADC.

Ask about Our Financing Options at Arlington Advanced

We Accept Most Dental Insurance Carriers and Major Credit Cards

You never want to make a bad situation worse. When you have serious tooth pain, the last thing you should be thinking about is how you’re going to pay for emergency dental treatment. That’s aggravating – and it doesn’t do much for the healing process.

At Arlington Advanced Dental Care, our office manager and staff work with you to make sure you can afford your family’s appointments – even dental emergency appointments when they do happen (and they will).

Don’t be afraid to schedule appointments with Arlington Advanced Dental because you fear the financial repercussions. Just because a tooth is broken doesn’t mean your bank account should be.

Providing Emergency Dental Care for All of Arlington VA

We’re the Emergency Dentist for People in Ballston, Rosslyn, and Virginia Square

If you’re going to be a top emergency dentist in Arlington VA, it helps to be centrally located where your patients live.

Arlington Advanced Dental Care is perfectly positioned to provide premier emergency dental care because of more than our superior knowledge. It’s also because of our convenient location near the heart of Arlington’s urban center.

We’re on Glebe Road not far from Marymount University and the Wilson Boulevard business district. We see adults, teens, seniors, and small children who hail from Arlington, Alexandria Shirlington, Ballston, Virginia Square, Falls Church, Seven Corners, Bailey’s Crossroads, Pentagon City, Crystal City, Lake Barcroft, Rosslyn, Clarendon, and Washington DC.

Even if you’re a new patient, when you or anyone in your family needs regular or emergency dental care, we’ll warmly welcome you to our Arlington office.

So, Dental Emergency? Call Our Office or Book Online

It’s Easy and Fast to Schedule Appointments with Arlington Advanced Dental

When you have a sudden toothache, ongoing severe pain, or cracked teeth, you better not wait to schedule an appointment with your emergency dentist. So Arlington Advanced Dental makes it very easy to see Dr. Ahmadian very soon – sometimes even the same day – when you need immediate attention for emergency dental treatment.

Make your appointment as soon as possible when you:

  • Call 703-974-7501
  • Email
  • Book online at
  • Visit our dental office on Glebe Road in Arlington VA

Arlington Advanced is a dental practice built on trustworthiness. Dr. Ahmadian and his team will show you why we’re the most trusted dentist office in Arlington and all of Northern Virginia.