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The Problem of Missing Teeth Is No Problem At AADC

We understand what you’re going through.

Dentures aren’t the sort of thing that dental patients tend to bring up. Many of us are understandably uncomfortable with the fact that, as we get older, our natural teeth are prone to the ravages of gum disease and/or tooth decay, and our oral health can suffer as a result. Traditional dentures, some people think, are for someone else.

But the fact is that replacement teeth – such as full dentures, partial dentures, and dental implant-supported dentures – are amazingly effective ways to maintain your quality of life in spite of missing teeth . . . and the amazing team at Arlington Advanced Dental Care, led by Dr. Hossein Ahmadian, D.D.S., is especially effective at making sure patients get the treatment they need to replace missing teeth and keep on using their choppers just like always.


What Are Dentures, Anyway?

And What Are the Different Kinds of Dentures Patients Can Get from AADC?

You’re likely already familiar with the concept of denture treatment. Chances are you’ve known someone who wore dentures – and chances are someone else you know wears dentures, and you can’t even tell.

By definition, dentures are prosthetic dental devices custom-designed for each individual patient to replace missing teeth. Dentists like Dr. Ahmadian of Arlington Advanced Dental Care may design complete dentures to replace missing teeth in the entire mouth, or the situation may call for a partial-denture treatment to replace missing teeth while maintaining existing teeth.

Typically, traditional dentures tend to replace the teeth and the gum tissue both, for a more even result. They’re supported in the mouth by the oral cavity’s soft and hard tissues, and may be either removable partial dentures, snap-on dentures, or bonded-on dentures that clasp to dental implants or your remaining natural teeth.

Want a Full and Beautiful Smile with Your Dentures? The Proper Fit Makes the Difference

Whether You’re Getting Removable Partial Dentures or Implant-Supported Dentures, Make Sure They Fit Right!

The idea behind dentures is that they allow you to do everything you could do with natural teeth – chew, speak properly, smile, and of course kiss!

But no matter which type of denture treatment you need, it’s imperative that they be custom-made for a comfortable fit. Ill-fitting dentures should be secure in your mouth, not feeling loose or bulky so that chewing or speaking is difficult. Plus, a mis-fit denture treatment tends to cause mouth sores, irritation, or even pain in the gums, making them uncomfortable to use and could cause problems with any remaining teeth.

The primary goal of Dr. Ahmadian and the Arlington Advanced Dental Care staff is for every patient to feel comfortable living with their treatments. We believe that providing the best possible care for your dental needs is one of the best possible things you can do for your overall health – and that’s why we take denture treatment so seriously. We’re committed to helping you restore your quality of life despite missing teeth.

What Are Dentures Made Of?

And How Often Should the Denture Wearer Get New Dentures?

You’re lucky to live in the era of modern dentistry. In the past, both full dentures and partial dentures were made with porcelain or plastic material. The result was hard, often uncomfortable denture equipment that was prone to breaking.

Today, dentures are usually made with hard resin, making them less susceptible to breakage. However, although this new material is sturdier than those used previously, they generally don’t last as long as natural teeth.

But even the sturdiest dentures need to be checked up on. It’s highly recommended that patients who wear dentures visit their dentist for a checkup fit every five (5) years – no matter if it’s a full or partial denture, or you’re wearing implant-supported dentures. By allowing your dentist to make sure your current dentures genuinely fit on your gums, in your mouth, and around any existing teeth, you are combatting the equipment’s wear-and-tear while helping elevate your own comfort.

Worried About How Your Dentures Will Feel?

At AADC, Your Dentures Are Custom-Designed To Be the Proper Shape and the Right Fit

Some people worry, and rightfully so, about the possibility of their denture appliance feeling bulky or weighty, too big or too loose. While this is normal, it isn’t the case with every patient, i.e., those fortunate enough to get a near-perfect fit for their mouth and jaw.

Dr. Ahmadian and his estimable dental staff go to great extents to measure the jaw and gum-line of every denture-treatment patient, combining experience with precision to create comfortably fitting dentures that truly bring back each patient’s quality of life – and definitely their smile!

Worried About Keeping Clean Dentures?

Arlington Advanced Dental Care’s Staff Will Educate You About Denture Cleaning and Maintenance

Dentures are meant to be used, but denture usage implies denture cleaning. That, in turn, implies things like a denture brush and a denture cleanser.

Just like you would with any other teeth, brushing is key to a good denture-cleaning regimen. The AADC staff will make sure you know how to use your denture brush to get rid of the food particles and denture adhesive and give your dentures a proper cleaning.

Use a true denture cleanser, and no other substance such as vinegar, soap, bleach, or toothpaste. Only a cleaning product specifically made to clean dentures should be utilized for cleaning your dentures – which you should do daily, by the way. It’s important to remove food particles every day to avoid damaged teeth, whether they be natural teeth or false teeth.

It’s furthermore important to soak your dentures in that appropriate solution whenever they’re not in use in your mouth, because they could warp if they dry out and therefore become very ill-fitting as a consequence.

Worried About Losing Your Smile?

It Is Possible To Keep a Beautiful Smile With Dentures

Above we wrote about the importance of a proper fit for a comfortable feel, and how Dr. Ahmadian and the Arlington Advanced Dental Care team are diligent about helping patients find dentures that allow them to feel normal, chew soft foods, and speak properly. But what about flashing those dazzling pearly whites?

From the first to the final appointment for getting your new dentures fitted, the AADC dental staff is focused on function, fit, and – yes – even fashion. Looks matter. They affect how you feel, and so it matters to be able to smile with confidence in any situation. A great smile never goes out of fashion.

What About Dental Implants Instead of Dentures?

There Are Pros and Cons to Both Denture Treatment and Dental Implant Treatment

Dentures and dental implants are two methods of replacing natural teeth with other teeth which are theoretically just as useful, if not exactly natural. At Arlington Advanced Dental Care in Arlington VA led by Dr. Ahmadian, we perform both treatments. Indeed, sometimes they’re combined, in the case of implant-supported dentures.

Dental implants may be indicated for some patients and dentures for others, but it is ultimately the choice of the patient. There are several considerations to weigh upon that decision, such as initial cost, long-term cost, frequency of dentist visits, and others. Dentures have several advantages, such as being initially cheaper than a similar treatment with implants would be, and dentures are a tried-and-tested option that’s been used in dentistry much longer.

However, dentures also may require an additional dentist visit or two for minor adjustments, and they are not bonded into surrounding bone like implants are. It’s an important discussion to have with Dr. Ahmadian or any dentist as to which you choose for your dental needs.

AADC Is the Trusted Dental Office Patients in Arlington VA Rely Upon

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Since Dr. Ahmadian earned his degree to practice dentistry from the University of Maryland in 2005, he and the Arlington Advanced Dental Care team have become fixtures in the Arlington VA community. We’ve made it our mission to provide the sort of dentistry that doesn’t just make your teeth, gums, and mouth feel better – we want to give you plenty of reason to smile too.

Our patients benefit from that mission. That’s why we count families and individuals from all over Arlington VA, from Crystal City to Ballston to East Falls Church, as patients of ours. In fact, we welcome patients who reach us from Alexandria, McLean, Fairfax, Vienna, Springfield VA, and Washington DC.

No matter how you get to us, we promise a great dental experience in a clean, relaxing, professional dentistry atmosphere. With Dr. Ahmadian as your dentist and Arlington Advanced Dental Care as your dentistry office, you’ll see the connection between enjoying healthy teeth, gums, and mouth, and enjoying superb overall health too.

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If you think full dentures, partial dentures, or dental implants may be in your future, the smart move is to set an appointment with Dr. Ahmadian, one of the best dentists in Arlington VA. He’ll examine your case, gather your dental history, and work with you to decide whether getting fitted for immediate dentures or dental implants would be the prudent decision for your oral health.

The first step is to get on our schedule of appointments. Call Arlington Advanced Dental Care at 703-974-7501 or go to to set your next appointment at our Arlington VA office.

Or, just stop by our comfortable office on the first floor of 1010 North Glebe Road in Arlington VA and let one of our friendly staff get you scheduled for an appointment with Dr. Ahmadian to investigate whether you need dentures, and which dentures – partial sets, immediate dentures, complete dentures, etc. – are best for your dental needs.

If you or someone you care for is looking for dentures, Arlington VA patients trust Arlington Advanced Dental Care.