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Think about the most important criteria you’d look for in a family dentist in Arlington VA. You’d want a dentist and an office that’s highly experienced, conveniently located, and trusted by patients of all ages.

Arlington Advanced Dental Care checks all those boxes.

AADC has been in dental practice in Arlington VA since 2005. Led by our esteemed chief dentist Dr. Hossein Ahmadian, D.D.S., Arlington Advanced Dental is driven by a mission of developing a culture of trust between our patients and our staff, so that they trust us to provide the care they need, and we trust them to take care of their teeth at home. Excellent oral health necessitates a commitment by the owner of the teeth – and a necessary step is a regular visit to your Arlington dentist office.

Schedule your family’s visit to AADC. Take advantage of our leading dental services.

Restorative Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry and General Family Dentistry

From Teeth Whitening to Dental Implants, AADC Does It All

We see sets of teeth in just about every condition you can imagine. No matter what condition your condition is in, Arlington Advanced Dental Care can make any patient’s oral health better.

Dr. Ahmadian and AADC are well-versed at all areas of general dentistry:

  • Routine checkup and cleaning
  • Cavity filling with composite material
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Gum disease, periodontal disease and gingivitis treatment
  • Tooth extractions
  • Tooth decay prevention
  • Implant dentistry and dental implants surgery
  • Root canal and endodontics
  • Root planing and scaling
  • Full and partial dentures
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Bondings, bridges, caps and crowns to repair chipped, cracked or broken teeth or replace missing teeth

But what’s more, Dr. Ahmadian and the caring staff at AADC are extremely adept at advanced techniques as well. Our dental experience makes us the best dentist in Arlington VA for helping patients solve difficult, intractable dental problems:

  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome treatment
  • Night guards and bruxism prevention
  • Invisalign® adult teeth-straightening
  • Emergency dental services (same-day in some cases)

So whether you’re looking for cosmetic dentistry to show off those pearly whites, or you’re in the market for family dentistry to take care of the kids’ growing choppers, you need a good dentist – and perhaps the best dentist in the DC metro area is Arlington Advanced Dental Care.

A Relaxed Atmosphere, High-Tech Equipment & a Friendly Staff

Visit Our Comfortable Dental Office Well-Appointed With Modern Technology

When we designed the interior of Arlington Advanced Dental Care, we were going for more than state-of-the-art. We envisioned absolute comfort for patients of all ages, a dentist office as welcoming to kids as it is to their parents and grandparents.

That’s why we created special play areas for children, and a separate waiting area for adults, all very open and well-lit and spacious, a calming environment.

But, yes, we intended to be state-of-the-art too – and we are, with 3-D X-ray machines and laser-guided dentistry technology part of what makes Arlington Advanced so, well, advanced. Modern dentistry requires a certain level of technological investment in order to serve patients’ dental needs to the maximum degree, and our office is stocked with those high-tech investments.

Dental Consultation With People Invested in the Practice

Our Knowledgeable, Friendly Staff Stays Up On Their Continuing Education Courses

Ever hear that a Stradivarius violin is only any good in the hands of a master violinist? Well, there’s probably room for debate there, but the point is that an instrument – like a violin, or a dentist’s drill – can only be used to its full potential when put to use by someone who knows how.

Those aforementioned investments in the technology of modern dentistry are all well and good – unless the dentists in the office aren’t trained in their usage and their results.

Dr. Ahmadian and the AADC team are dedicated to continually availing themselves of the most updated education necessary to provide each patient with the individualized care they need, applying the most recent, pertinent dentistry findings to each diagnosis and treatment.

Dentists are, obviously, doctors. Tooth doctors. As such, Dr. Ahmadian and the staff at AADC are beholden to upholding a certain lofty level of medical knowledge – because every patient deserves an informed, educated practitioner.

Take Care of Your Oral Health and Have Reason To Smile!

Everyone in Your Family Should See the Dentist Every Six Months

It’s not difficult to understand the causal linkage between oral health and overall health. Medical doctors would agree with dentists in the assessment that clean, disease-free gums and strong, straight teeth are typically indicative of more than a healthy smile. Good teeth and gums mean good health, usually.

Whatever your current dental status – whether you haven’t seen the dentist in several years, or you see your dentist twice annually like clockwork – it’s only to your benefit to visit a top Arlington dentist office like Arlington Advanced Dental Care.

There’s a reason why our brains are intrinsically wired to view healthy smiles as attractive signals of good health: A brilliant pearly-white smile supported by robust pink gums make a great subconscious indicator of being a healthy person in general!

So the moral of this story is, brush your teeth daily and visit your dentist regularly – for your overall health.

Glad To Be Your Dentist in Arlington VA

Accepting Patients from Around Arlington, Washington and Northern Virginia

Convenience is part of what you look for in an Arlington dentist office, and convenience is what we deliver. The AADC office is conveniently located on the ground floor of 1010 North Glebe Road in the Ballston section of Arlington VA (the area we locally just refer to as “Ballston,” generally defined by our enormous mall), between Fairfax Drive and Washington Boulevard, not far from Marymount University.

To get to Arlington Advanced Dental Care via Metro, exit at the Ballston/MU station and follow Fairfax Dr. west to Glebe Rd. north.

To get to Arlington Advanced Dental by car, park on Glebe (metered) or in the underground garage (fee).

Our eminent convenience is one reason why we’re the dentist office of choice for families throughout Arlington County, from Arlington VA 22201 to Arlington VA 22203. We see patients hailing from just about every neighborhood and residential enclave in the Arlington area:

  • Arlandria
  • Shirlington
  • Ballston
  • Virginia Square
  • Seven Corners
  • Bailey’s Crossroads
  • Pentagon City
  • Crystal City
  • Lake Barcroft
  • Rosslyn
  • Clarendon
  • Falls Church VA
  • Alexandria VA
  • Washington DC

Wherever you live or work in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC Metro area, Arlington Advanced Dental Care can be the dentist office for your whole family. We’re a short car trip or a Metro ride away!

Years of Great Reviews for Our Arlington Dental Practice

5-Star Dental Services in Arlington and Northern Virginia Since 2005

Know what makes us smile? When we read the reviews our patients post online about our great service, or our friendly front desk staff, or Dr. Ahmadian’s compassionate demeanor. Almost universally, to a patient, the reviews are remarkably laudatory, the comments about our dental services effusive in their praise.

We get reviews written by virtually every kind of patient: The mom who brings in her kids for regular checkups and (sugar-free) lollipops; the senior citizen visiting to check on the fit of his dentures; the emergency patient who needed to see us on short notice to remedy a sudden severe missing-teeth issue. (Those hockey pucks are hard.) We vastly appreciate every review by every patient, because they help Arlington Advanced spread the word of our trusted, friendly, convenient dental practice throughout the metro area.

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Always Welcoming Returning Patients and New Patients

There are all sorts of reasons why families might need a new dentist. They’re new in town. Their previous dentist retired. They have special needs and need specialized services, or they’re looking to safeguard protected health information. Frankly, it’s none of our business why new patients make their first visit to Arlington Advanced Dental Care – as long as they make it.

Make your family’s next dental appointment with AADC. Reach our front desk to set your appointment. The most effective contact methods:

  • Call 703-974-7501
  • Email
  • Submit the form at

We look forward to beginning to build a relationship of trust with your family. Dentistry is meant to be a noble profession, and the entire staff at AADC takes that notion very seriously.

Contact our dental office to schedule an appointment today. Let your family be treated by our friendly team for great service, a brilliant smile, and arguably the best dentist in the DMV area!