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Seven Tips for Oral Health and Hygiene
Seeing a dentist Arlington VA is necessary if you want your teeth and mouth to be healthy. The dentists of Arlington Advanced Dental Care, headed by Dr.Hossein Ahmadian, DDS, believe that taking care of your teeth and oral health is important. A perfect smile doesn’t make itself, it is the product of meticulous care and preparation.

Here are some tips to ensure your oral health and hygiene:
1.Do correct tooth brushing – this is the most important tip that a dentist Arlington VA gives always gives his patients. There is a proper way and frequency of brushing your teeth.
Use a toothbrush that is comfortable yet is strong enough to remove plaque and other food debris. Position your brush at a 45-degree angle near your gum line. Brush the outer surfaces with a back-and-forth, up-and-down almost circular motion. Be gentle when you brush to avoid bleeding gums. Repeat the motion for the inner surfaces of the teeth and gums taking care not to be too harsh.
Remove bacteria from your tongue and the roof of your mouth by gently brushing them at the end of the process. Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water, gargle, and spit.
Brush at least twice a day. This would prevent acid- and plaque-build up which is the cause of halitosis.

2.Floss regularly – Using floss regularly eliminates the debris stuck between your teeth that brushing didn’t remove. It helps you to reach the areas that your brush couldn’t get to. Your Arlington VA dentist will advise you to floss at least once a day to improve your mouth health.

3.Clean your tongue regularly – Many people overlook the need to clean their tongue. Do this daily using a tongue cleaner which removes bacteria that clings to the surface of your tongue. Some toothbrushes have incorporated the tongue cleaner into their design. Choose a toothbrush with grooved ridges at the head and scrape away.

4.Add mouthwash to your oral hygiene routine – Using mouthwash adds an additional layer of protection for your teeth. Choose a mouthwash that is not too harsh tasting. Use it after brushing and flossing to rinse the inside of your mouth. Mouthwash helps you to maintain strong teeth and to keep your breath from smelling bad.

5.Avoid tobacco use – Tobacco leaves particles that stain your teeth over a period of time. It is also a cause of periodontal and mouth cancers as well as halitosis. Tobacco users resort to mints or candies after smoking to mask the odor, but any dentist Arlington VA would tell you that this merely doubles the damage.

6.Limit soda, coffee, and alcohol intake – These sugary drinks contain a lot of phosphorous which decreases calcium buildup. Their high fructose content also is a leading cause for dental carries and tooth decay. They also are a leading cause of teeth discoloration due to their dye content.

Avoid these liquids and chug milk instead. This replenishes calcium the same way as water and way better than sugary drinks.

7.Visit your dentist regularly – It is recommended that you meet with your Arlington VA dentist at least twice a year for an assessment of your oral health. Schedule an appointment as soon as you feel a toothache to prevent more complications from developing. Have the dental practitioners walk you through the procedures on how you can maintain oral health.

Taking care of your oral health is our priority at Arlington Advanced Dental Care, Dr.Hossein Ahmadian, DDS. We know that oral health is quite important not only for your looks but more importantly for the bigger picture. Schedule a consultation with a dentist Arlington VA from our clinic discover the difference that only we can give you and your family.

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Arlington Advanced Dental Care,Dr.Hossein Ahmadian,DDS
1010 N Glebe Rd suite 120
Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 974-7501

​Arlington Advanced Dental Care,Dr.Hossein Ahmadian,DDS 1010 N Glebe Rd suite 120, Arlington, VA 22201 (703) 974-7501