Arlington Advanced Dental Care ​in Ballston VA

​Arlington Advanced Dental Care believes that oral care should be a crucial part of everyone’s lives. Oral health can determine the health of the rest of your body and can affect a lot of aspects of your life. A great smile can affect your life greatly, although many people think having a perfect smile is out of reach. Thankfully, Dr. Hossein Admadian can help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Here are some ways a dentist can help you get an amazing set of teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Composite bonding

Composite bonding is another procedure done for patients who need an affordable procedure to fix teeth that have worn-out edges, cracks, etc. A lot of people need braces and there is no shame in having them. Thanks to the various forms of dentistry available to us today, you can get different kinds of braces. Besides the traditional steel braces, you can get ones like ceramic for instance if you want to be discreet! You can straighten out your smile without having to worry about the way it looks.

Improving Your Smile

There are a lot of other dental procedures you can get from your dentist to help you get the ideal smile. For instance, they can fix an uneven gum line so you can smile wide with pride. Teeth that look too long or short can be adjusted. Indentations in your jawbone or gums and exposed roots can get done too to get the best smile anyone has seen.

Comfort and Care

We make sure that our patients experience the best care possible. We want our patients to feel comfortable and safe in a dentist’s office. Many people often feel uneasy about visiting the dentist, especially children, which is why we offer our best hospitality to our patients. We want to change the stigma about dentist’s offices by ensuring that every patient leaves our office with a bright smile, good oral health, and more confidence!

Why Your Dental Care Matters

Taking good care of your teeth by keeping up with your oral hygiene and having regular dental check-ups can make a world of a difference. Dr. Hossein Ahmadian, DDS is more than ready to help you get the smile you always dreamed of. To learn more about the dental procedures that we have to offer, visit or call us at 703-974-7501 and set your appointment today to get the best dentist Ballston VA Arlington Advanced Dental Care.