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It’s a good thing that, when it comes to your dental health, you’ll always have an expert dentist in Arlington VA to rely on. It’s because damaged teeth are eyesores and missing teeth are even worse.

Led by Dr. Hossein Ahmadian, DDS, we at Arlington Advanced Dental Care offer a wide variety of dental services suitable for the entire family. We service patients as young as 2 years old so you won’t have to look for other clinics for your family members’ needs.

Apart from standard dental services like prophylaxis for example, you can also expect to find a reliable Arlington VA dentist here who specializes in other procedures like denture or veneer fitting to name a couple.

It is common for us to treat patients with missing teeth. We know how confidence-shattering it can be to not have a perfect smile. This is why we help out as much as we can whenever we have the ability to do so.

If you’re missing a tooth or two, Dr. Hossein Ahmadian, DDS is an excellent family dentist who can fit you with the proper dentures or dental implants.

You have the option of choosing partial dentures or a complete set. The kind of denture will depend on how many teeth you have lost. He’ll walk you through the best care plan for your condition.

In standard practice, dentures are fabricated once several teeth have been extracted and your gums have healed. But this will mean that you’ll go through a month or two with missing teeth.

Nowadays, you can go with what’s known as immediate dentures. Even before any teeth are extracted, your dental practitioner will measure you for dentures that can immediately be worn after the extraction.

You can also ask a Virginia-based dentist from our clinic to hook you up with some veneers. These are shells, much like armor for teeth. Always remember though that you must only trust an experienced oral health professional in Arlington with something like this. Otherwise, you might get teeth that look unnatural.

At Arlington Advanced Dental Care, the dentist will bond the porcelain veneers to your teeth. These are commonly used if you want to change the color, size, or shape of your teeth. Those worrying about chipped chompers will find veneers to be the ideal solution. Don’t worry as Dr. Hossein Ahmadian, DDS will give you an initial consult so you’ll know whether or not you need veneers. Unlike other clinics, we won’t ask you to go through a procedure that you don’t need.

We are always welcoming new patients into the fold and we hope that you’ll become part of our growing family. Our goal is always to bring you the best care through advanced processes and equipment. This will ensure that you won’t ever need to go hunting for a new Arlington VA dentist.

You can easily navigate our site to see what other services we offer here at Arlington Advanced Dental Care. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require more information about our services or want to book an appointment at our Arlington dental center.