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Arlington dental crowns are among the most common dental procedures performed at the Arlington Advanced Dental Care clinic. Almost every adult who has gone to a dentist has experienced getting a crown for one reason or another. Simply put, dental crowns are “caps” that look just like a natural tooth and is placed over a tooth as a cover.

dental crowns

Here at Arlington Advanced Dental Care, Dr. Hossien Ahmadian, DDS offers dental crowns as a basic procedure. Despite how popular and common it is, there are still many patients who aren’t familiar with the dental crown basics. Here’s everything worth knowing about dental crowns and how they benefit patients who need them:

What Is A Dental Crown?

A crown can be used to restore a damaged or broken tooth, add strength to the tooth to prevent cracking and chipping, or simply just to improve how the tooth looks. The crown is usually cemented over the entire tooth that is visible over the gum line for uniformity.

The Benefits Of A Dental Crown

There are many reasons why a dentist will suggest dental crowns for their patients. No matter the reason for the enhancement, it comes with a lot of benefits once it is in place. Here are some of those benefits:

Tooth Strengthening

Badly decided or damage teeth tend to be very fragile. One mistake of crunching on something hard and the natural tooth can be gone forever. Putting a “cap” or cover over the damaged tooth in the form of a crown protects the natural tooth from further damage. Crowns are made with sturdy and durable materials that will take a great deal of effort to accidentally break them.

Appearance Enhancement

Despite all the hard work of your dentist, sometimes restoring a natural tooth to its former beauty cannot be done. The same goes for teeth that are heavily stained and can no longer be whitened. During these cases, it is best to cover the unsightly tooth with a crown. Crowns allow for teeth to look beautiful and uniform once again making it easier to smile confidently.

Covers, Protects, Supports Teeth With Large Fillings

Teeth that require large fillings due to cavity formation become very weak. The filling is typically not enough, especially if very little of the natural tooth is left. Dental crowns will protect, cover, and support the tooth to ensure it does not get easily damaged from chewing and daily use.

Dental Bridge Support

A dental bridge is used to bridge together teeth that have one or more missing teeth near each other. Dental crowns are the perfect support system for bridges because they are strong, sturdy, and stay in place.

Our Goal: Patients Smile With Confidence

Worried about the health and look of your teeth? Arlington Advanced Dental Care, Dr. Hossien Ahmadian, DDS can help fix all of your dental woes. Simply visit our dental clinic at Suite #120 in 1010 North Glebe Road or book an appointment by calling (703) 974-7501 and you can be fitted with professionally made Arlington dental crowns as soon as possible!