Dr. Hossein Ahmadian, DDS
Arlington Advanced Dental Care
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1010 North Glebe Road Suite #120
Arlington, VA 22201

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I had a really bad toothache. I saw Dr. Ahmadian and he discovered that I had an infection on my tooth and I needed a root canal. He fit me in and treated me the same day. He is very gentle and I didn’t really feel the needle. He is very soft spoken and that helps with the anxiety a lot. In despite of everyone saying that some discomfort is normal after the root canal, I had no pain afterwards. I followed on his recommendation and got a cap on the tooth. I strongly recommend him as he was very nice and explained everything and answered my questions. What else could you ask for from your dentist?

Mojee Kar 6/5/2014

I had a great experience with Dr.Ahmadian, because I had a root canal done in one of my back tooth several years ago in another office and I experienced pain off & on since then. Every time I asked my old dentist about it he told me it’s fine and nothing else can be done. But Dr.Ahmadian fixed the problem in that tooth and no more pain since then. He is a fantastic dentist and take care of his patients very well. I chose him as a dentist because he is knowledgable, professional, patience and precise.His office is clean and in a very convenient location in Ballston.His staff are nice and helpful. I really recommend Dr.Ahmadian to my friends as a family dentist. Shery Sh.

shery Sh 6/1/2014

I highly recommend Dr. Ahmadian to everyone! My sisters and I have gone to Dr. Ahmadian for over a year now and will not go to another dentist. He doesn’t rush into working on our teeth like most dentists do. He takes his time to chat with us before beginning our procedures, which is nice because we don’t feel like we are being rushed out of there. When we do need procedures done he explains the treatment very thoroughly so that we completely understand all that needs to be done and causes etc. He is very knowledgeable, professional, has a good personality and bedside manner, so this puts us at ease during dental visits. He is the best dentist we have ever seen. We HIGHLY recommend him to everyone! He’s great!

Valeri Ball 5/30/14

I was on a short trip in Virginia couple of months ago and for whatever reason piece of one of my old filling came off , as a result I had a hard time to eat with my left side. Friend of mine gave Dr’s Ahmadian phone number since she had a good experience with him. I called Dr Ahmadian’s office and after explaining my situation he gave me an appointment and fixed my tooth within half an hour. He is very accommodating and very fast in what he is doing while maintaining the quality. I would definitely recommend him for those who live in Virginia.

W.A 5/25/14

Dr. Ahmadian did a great job with 4 crowns and several fillings. He spent hours at a time diligently fixing the serious issues with my teeth in order to minimize the number of appointments I needed. I am so happy with how my teeth look and feel and work now! Dr. Ahmadian even fixed the gaps another dentist created on previous fillings, which had caused more problems. I also appreciate that he explained everything to me and patiently discussed options with me. Judy was friendly and extremely helpful with follow-up and scheduling.

V. K 3/13/2014

Very personable Doctor + staff, Beautiful facility.

L .R 6/27/12

He listens to patients + Deliver personalized service.
Highly recommended.

V.I 6/29/12

New patient, so far so good. Excellent bedside manner. Highly recommended.

J.G 7/9/12

“I visited the office of Dr Ahmadian. My visit was a great experience. The office was very clean and new. The front desk women,Christina,was very nice and helpful.I would recommend this office to anyone who needs a checkup or major work.”

John. M 7/17/12

“I went to see Dr Ahmadian for a tooth extraction. He gave me a local anesthetic and as he kept checking my mouth, I was wondering when he was actually going to get to it. So I asked, “Are we ready?” and he answered, “It’s done. the tooth is out.”WOW- truly painless. “

Nancy. A 8/7/12

“My first visit to Dr. Ahmadian was nothing less than impressed. Dr. Ahmadian was personable and professional, his staff is welcoming and I would recommend this office to anyone for any dental work that they provide! “

Melvina, H 9/27/12

I found this brand new office very organized, clean and state of art. All digitized and up to date. Dr. Ahmadian was very professional, took his time to explain everything to me before starting the procedure. His chair side manner was excellent. During procedure I felt no pain. He was very gentle and caring. I am taking all my family members to him since he is treating both children and adult. I do recommend him without shadow of a doubt.

H.Y 12/19/12

“Dr Ahmadian is very personable, clearly explained my issues that I went to see him for and remedies to correct them. I saw him at another location a few years ago and am glad that I found his new office. Very nice, modern facility and equipment.”

Richard Radonis 3/18/13

My visit was a great exeperince with Dr. Ahmadian. I didnt have to wait long, I was in and out. The front desk was very professional and helpful. The care I received was great and the Dr. was very personable. The location of the office is great for me and I will be having my dental care done with Dr. Ahmadia agsain. “

Jody 7/30/13

“Very efficient while still being gentle. Excellent service and comes highly recommended.”

Brad 7/31/13

“Dr. Ahmadian is very kind and professional. His assistant Judy is very pleasant and friendly. I got fill-ins done and felt no pain wow amazing. Quick and painless!”

C B 8/8/13

“I came to Dr. Ahmadian’s office shortly after it opened to correct a fill in done by a previous dentist. I have been back for everything since (1-1.5 yrs.). He listened thoroughly to my previous medical issues and was/is never in a rush. Dr. Ahmadian is very personable and will inform you of concerns or suggestions that benefit your oral and overall health concerns. Plus he may also greet you as you walk in. For me that’s the best “bedside” manner possible. You are an individual and a patient that requires his attention. Accompany all the above with his bright, advanced technology office and competent staff and your relaxed before you sit in the chair. I don’t recall needing to wait either. By the first sip from the water bottle out of the fridge, or sip of coffee, he was ready for me. A great experience every time.

"K. Ch-Th" 10/24/13

Dr Ahmadian and Judy are outstanding. From the first time I visited his office I was treated exceptionally. State of the art facility, provided me a get well plan for my teeth and the bridge work that was done for me is fantastic. I am very happy with the work he has provided and will recommend his practice to all my friends. Jesse

Jesse Duenas

My family and I had a visit to this office. We found it very organized, clean and welcoming. Dr. Ahmadian himself greeted us to the dental chair and did not make us sit on the chair and wait like many others do. We had all kind of procedures, cleaning, filling, crown and etc. None of our kids suffered from pain or being scared. I myself believe that he has a great technique and knowledge. All his equipments are digitized and you can see what is wrong right after Xray is taken. He called couple of times to follow up after we left his office. We certainly recommend him to all friends and family. After a long period of trying we found our family dentist.

Brian Lee 11/7/13

Crown, 4 cavities, and a cleaning. Never felt so comfortable in a chair at the dentist office before. Absolutely recommend coming here for your next appointment. Between Dr. Ahmadian and his assistant everything is quick, precise, and easy for the patient.

Andrew Morgan Nov 2013

Went there for the first time the other day. He was AWESOME. My fiance is switching over to Dr. Ahmadian as well. Very patient, seemed very knowledgable and was great with the needles (which I hate). Absolutely worth it

Stuart James Dec 2013

Dr Ahmadian has an excellent bedside manner + staff is nice and helpful. I recommend him to everyone who needs routine and major dental work.

JC 8/20/13

I’ve never liked visiting the dentist, but Dr. Ahmadian and his staff have made my experiences in his office very positive. I would recommend his services.

S P 8/21/13

“Dr. Ahmadian is very professional and uses the latest technology. The office is extremely clean and the office staff/assistant (Judy) is very responsive and competent. I’ve been there three times and he has surpassed my former dentist in making sure my teeth are well cared for. Highly recommend.”


Jo Ellen Kleindienst 9/9/13